1985 B.C. Tee Design Review.


1985 B.C. Tee Design by tgentry

1985 B.C. Tee Design by tgentry

Reviewed by: Lucky

4 Stars


The 1985 B.C. tee design shows Doc and Marty with the time machine in Ancient Egypt via Hieroglyphics.

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The 1985 B.C. tee design is for the diehard Back To The Future fans. The kind that like fan fiction and "What ifs?".

Looks like Marty just can't stop altering the past and leaving evidence behind that shows that he was there, out of place in time. You'd think after 3 movies, a cartoon and some video games that Doc and Marty would learn to stay put.

The pseudo Egyptian style hieroglyphics depict that the time machine arrived in tracks of fire and a guy with big hair and a man who moved via standing a board needed plutonium to get their time machine at 88 MPH so their Flux Capacitor could harness the power of lightning. It might show two pines then something happening to one of the pines after some lightning. Before the day runs out they ride down the sides of the Great Pyramid and disappear in a flash of lightning, leaving behind fiery tracks.

The 1985 B.C. design is on children's apparel as well, so kids these days can repeat history and enjoy the time paradoxes too.

The artwork mimics the Ancient Egyptian style as that was the theme of the design contest. The designer tgentry told the complicated plot of the story in just a few imagined symbols. That takes time and talent to execute and it is far more difficult to achieve than one would think.

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1985 B.C. Design by tgentry.

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