Bender U.F.O. Tee Design Review.

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Bender U.F.O. Tee Design by Firebeard

Bender U.F.O. Tee Design by Firebeard

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Bender U.F.O. tee design features Futurama's Bender as a U.F.O. in an X-Files I want To Believe poster parody.

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TheĀ Bender U.F.O. tee design is for Sci-Fi fans that enjoy Futurama and the X-Files.

This design is based on the Futurama episode entitled Roswell That Ends Well and the poster "I Want To Believe" that could be seen in "Spooky" Fox Mulder's F.B.I. office. It is also the title of the second feature film installment of the X-Files franchise.

So the artwork is a silhouetted rip of the actual cartoon of Bender from when the U.S. Military put his body back together wrong in the shape of a flying saucer. It is the mashing it up for the "I Want To Believe" poster that makes the design brilliant. Not the actual artwork itself. There many parodies and mash ups of the poster and they are usually all crap or feature a damn TARDIS.

This Bender U.F.O. tee would make a great gift for fans of the FOX Sci-Fi shows such as Futurama and the X-Files. But don't give FOX too much credit, they did cancel Firefly after all.

This is a great shirt to wear to a Comic-Con or wherever geekdom can be found.

Bender U.F.O. Tee Design by Firebeard

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