But We Fear No Evil Tee Design Review.


But We Fear No Evil Tee Design by Eru

But We Fear No Evil Tee Design by Eru

Reviewed by: Lucky

4 Stars


The But We Fear No Evil tee design features the Winchester brothers

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TheĀ But We Fear No Evil tee design is aimed at the loyal Supernatural fans or as we are called HUNTERS.

The concept is simply to put the faces of Dean and Sam Winchester on a tee with some trademark elements of the Supernatural T.V. show. With the words "We Are the Hunters We Are The Hunted" and "atqui non timebo mala" which is Latin for "We fear no evil" which was inscribed on the barrel of the demon killing Colt.

This design was inspired by my love for the Winchester brothers and their strength. I always feel a great sense of admiration for what they do. They fight evil at their own risk to save other people, and evil is always around, hunting them as well. I love that they always find in each other a reason to fight for what they believe in. ~Eru

As far as the artwork, it is rather plain and weak, meaning that there is a lack of Photoshop skills in this. The layout, colors, fabric color choices are well crappy. The show has a dark theme and the fabric colors should fit that dark vibe. The White space between the brothers looks odd, maybe the shape of the cutout is a reference that I do not know. However the use of the gun's inscription makes it more interesting.

This is an Supernatural fan tee that falls a little short in the art department but has a solid concept behind it.

As for the Print, the colors turned out really nice, which is why this particular design was chosen. I wanted to compare the contrast and gradients.

But We Fear No Evil Tee Design by Eru.

White and Storm Grey are the only fabric color choices. It is available on T-shirts. The review breakdown is as follows

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