Camp Fire Hoodie Design Review.


Camp Fire Hoodie Design By Adamzworld

Camp Fire Hoodie Design By Adamzworld

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Camp Fire hoodie design features Marshmallows roasting over an open camp fire.

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The Camp Fire Hoodie features a first person perspective of the camp fire. People who love the outdoors and being in nature would enjoy this hoodie.

The concept is a big warm fire roaring sweet marshmallows. You can see the pine trees in the back of the fire. The moonlit dark sky is indicating that it's nighttime. In my opinion, this is a great hoodie showing the outside simply and beautifully. For the people who like isolation and the woods, this hoodie is for you.

As for the artwork, the sky is light blue, blue and white all intertwined. The fire is yellow and orange consistency over the blazing wood. The fire light is crackling you can almost get a sense of 'this is a peaceful evening listening to the crickets and the nature.' I recommend this hoodie to anyone who like the outdoors and loves to be wild and free.

And for the print, it turned out average for the industry standard. The image itself seems like it was enlarged from a smaller image with elements looking jagged ie. the marshmallows. The colors are a bit muted but, it just adds to the effect.

Camp Fire Design By Adamzworld.

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