Turn Your Lights Off Tee Design By Alice9.

Turn Your Lights Off Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Turn Your Lights Off tee design is for the horror fans that enjoy the Silent Hill video games and movies.

The concept is simple, take one of the creepy cursed nurses that love frenzy and have her frozen in place facing the viewer in the most unnatural and awkward body language (if animated it would be jerky movement).

As for the artwork, the colors are dark and franchise appropriate and can be described as dirty and grimy, perhaps even grunge. It has excellent shading making this nurse to realistic for comfort. There is not much for background imagery as to keep it clean and simple so that the focus stays on the cursed nurse. There are lots of details on her that make this seem more like a photo although many of these details are lost on the actual tee which is a shame. Such as in the dark crater like eye socket area of her head, bandages and background wall design element. The light colors show up in the print alright but the dark areas don't do so well. A result from printing Black ink on Black fabric which most Print On Demand companies have.

The colors don't actually match the thumbnail on the retailer's website which is a downer so a point is taken away for that reason.

This Turn Your Lights Off tee will make an ideal gift for those people that dig creepy and disturbing imagery.

Turn Your Lights Off Tee Design By Alice9.

Is available on T-shirts. Black is the only fabric color available. Other color options for this design would had been nice, although black is the best for this artwork and concept. The review breakdown is as follows: