PULP RICKTION Tee Design by LavaLamp.

Pulp Ricktion Tee Design Review.

The Pulp Ricktion tee design is for Rick and Morty and Pulp Fiction fans.

Pulp Fiction

The concept is funny and true to the Rick and Morty characters. The Pulp Fiction characters of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (seen above) are replaced by Rick and Morty. This is one of the funniest and best versions of the numerous Pulp Fiction parody/mashups out there. Though the art work of the characters doesn't appear to be original at all, like a straight rip from the show. It looks good. After all, the characters were not created by LavaLamp so not all of the creative credit can go to him obviously.

As for the artwork, this one also adds a bit of color and references the devices of Rick and Morty instead of Vincent's and Jule's guns. However, while Rick's Portal gun does produce Green portals, Rick's laser gun that Morty is firing should be Red or Blue to stay true to the show's episodes. It's nice to see a cartoon version of the Pulp Fiction scene.

While this is the Pulp Fiction pose it is definitely more of a Rick and Morty fan tee.

Pulp Ricktion Tee Design by LavaLamp.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Black colored fabric is mandatory and is really the best option. The review breakdown is as follows:

I WANT TO BELIEVE 100 YEARS Tee Design by Fishmas

I Want To Believe 100 Years Tee Design Review.

TheĀ I Want To Believe 100 Years tee design is for Sci-Fi fans that enjoy Rick and Morty and the X-Files.

The concept of this design is based on the show Rick and Morty (clip shown above) and the poster "I Want To Believe" that could be seen in "Spooky" Fox Mulder's F.B.I. office. It is also the title of the second feature film installment of the X-Files franchise. The design has Rick and Morty flying in Rick's Ship at one of the many dimensions that they travel to during their crazy adventures. Wubba Lubba dubb dubb!

As for the artwork, there is nothing particularly special. There is nothing bad about it. It looks good. Even the coloring and shading are okay, even though the Rick's Ship and the characters should be shaded completely to match the lighting on the silhouettes of the tree things. It is done this way to show the characters mope clearly. After all, the cartoon is crudely drawn to begin with so why make them obscure? That would make fora crappy design. As it is, it's basically just an image from the cartoon even if it is drawn completely by Fishmas as Rick and Morty is still not his creation. It is cool though. Typically, rectangular designs suck unholy ass on a T-shirt. But this one works as it is parodying a poster. Add the phrase "I Want To Believe" and suddenly it becomes a kickass mashup.
Any Rick and Morty fan will want this this tee whether they like the X-Files or not.

This design is offered on kids' tees too even if the show is inappropriate for young ages.

I Want To Believe 100 Years Tee Design by Fishmas

Is available on T-Shirts, Tank, Crewneck, Kids, Long Sleeve, Hoodie, Baseball Tee and as a Print. Many fabric color choices are available depending on which style of garment is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows: