Coyolxauhqui Tee Design Review.


Coyolxauhqui Tee Design by qetza

Coyolxauhqui Tee Design by qetza

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Coyolxauhqui tee design features Aztec Goddess, Coyolxauhqui painted up for the Day of The Dead.

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TheĀ Coyolxauhqui tee design is for the people that like the Catholic Celebration of Day of the Dead, Mesoamerican Culture, and for those who support the Ancient Astronaut (Alien) theory.

Olmec heads in outer space, scrolls with ancient symbols, and feathers of a serpent god frame this awesome Aztec inspired illustration! If you like Aztec and Mesoamerican art, this t-shirt is for you!

The concept is of a beautiful star goddess dolled up with Day of the Dead style make up and is surrounded other Mesoamerican motifs. She has this tilted head gaze where she appears to be judging the viewer. Take note of the Olmec heads' eyes. They are white and without irises and pupils. Very ominous as if they glow with some out of this world power. The design is different than most of the Day of the Dead stuff as this incorporates more aspects of the native culture from the Mesoamerican region and not just the known Day of The Dead mix into the All Saints Day but some Olmec imagery as well.

As for the artwork, the colors used in the design are Pink, Blue and White and different blends there of which make it seem like more colors are used. That takes a lot of skill as that kind of limitation gets tricky with such a detailed piece. The shading is subjective but it works.

Coyolxauhqui Tee Design By qetza.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. A Few color choices are available depending on what style is chosen.The review breakdown is as follows:

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