Dark Officer Tee Design Review.


Dark Officer Tee Design by roncabardz

Dark Officer Tee Design by roncabardz

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Dark Officer tee design features a soldier wearing a gas mask with a rose in his shirt pocket.

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TheĀ Dark Officer tee design is for the people who like gas masks and apocalyptic art.

The concept is of an ominous looking military officer. The first thing that is noticeable is that he is wearing a gas mask. Upon further inspection, there are skulls on his uniform. The Second thing that pops out, is the out of place rose in his shirt pocket. He is just standing there are all creepy-like. Gas Masks? Roses? WTF is this, Doctor Who? He has some strange tubing and what appears to be wires attached to his head through his helmet. These cables also wrap around his face like muscle tissue. The latter suggest that he may be a cyborg or no longer human.

As for the artwork, the colors used in the design are Greens and Drab (Aside from the rose). Which is are appropriate choices for a military theme. The line work and details are superb. There is excellent shading through and through. The officer's shirt is a bit weird, because it looks like mummy bandages. Due to it being all twisted and wrinkled. Which is different. There are also some random design elements like various shapes surrounding him. All of the colors do stand out well as the tee was initially White. This is because it was printed using the Sublimation technique to achieve the All Over Print.

Dark Officer Tee Design By roncabardz.

Is available on T-shirts. No fabric color choices are available because the print becomes the fabric color so it gets 5 stars for the fabric color choices. The review breakdown is as follows:

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