Deaths Be Solved Tee Design Review.

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Deaths Be Solved Tee Design by OutlawAlien.

Deaths Be Solved Tee Design by OutlawAlien.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The May All Your Deaths Be Solved tee design is a nod to the CWTV iZOMBIE television series.

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TheĀ Deaths Be Solved tee design is for the iZOMBIE fans.

The concept is taken from the comic book of the same name and the art style is seen in the opening credits of the loosely adapted show iZOMBIE. It sums up what the show is about nicely. As she (a zombie) solves crimes (deaths) after having visions of the people (victims) whose brains that she eats from the Medical Examiner's Office (where she works).

As for the artwork, it looks just like the art used in the TV Series that ties in the show to the aforementioned comic book. It is colored and shaded well.

This is a great pop culture shirt that fits in anywhere such as Comic-Con or coffee shops.

You can see a side by side print quality comparison of this design of NeatoShop Vs Redbubble.

Deaths Be Solved Tee Design by OutlawAlien.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Black is the only fabric color option available. The review breakdown is as follows:

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