Hyrulean Science Tee Design Review.

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Hyrulean Science Tee Design by Obvian.

Hyrulean Science Tee Design by Obvian.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Hyrulean Science tee design features a Link from The Legend of Zelda as a scientists or alchemist and the Triforce as a periodic table with the elements of Wisdom, Power and Courage.

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TheĀ Hyrulean Science tee design is for the science nerds and the Legend of Zelda fans. Be it Chemistry or Alchemy there is wizardry going on here.

The concept is smart and funny at the same time. Since there are only 3 forces or elements that matter in the Hyrulean world, the Triforce is like a simplified periodic table even if it doesn't have traditional atoms or even a mention of RGB pixels as the building blocks for all virtual matter in Link's universe. But never mind that, check out the Master Sword "scalpel" or Master Scalpel. Obvian's own design description is worth reading too.

In the words of the brave Hyrulean scientist who plotted out the periodic table of (three) elements: "Haaa! YAAAAA! Haaa. Huuraaagh!"

As for the artwork, its coloring and shading are as professional as it gets. There is awesome balance and weight to the design, as you can see the dark background stuff is at the bottom and the Triforce and Yellow potion are bright and held high. The "background stuff" are Game elements that are included in the background as design elements. Damn this tee has all kinds of meanings for "elements" included for our entertainment.

This Hyrulean Science tee will make a nice gift for any Legend of Zelda fans.

This is a good gaming tee that is bound to get some laughs.

Hyrulean Science Tee Design by Obvian.

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