I Need More Pots Tee Design Review.


I Need More Pots Tee Design by trheewood.

I Need More Pots Tee Design by trheewood.

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The I Need More Pots tee design features a Link in the middle of a bunch of clay pots.

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TheĀ I Need More Pots tee design shows Link at his most vulnerable moment. He is a hoarder, surrounded by pots. He wants more, you could call him a pot head. Can you blame him? Smashing pots is fun.

The concept is funny but obvious. Link has many odd quirks that make him the lovable hero of time. But one of the quirks is something that most of Hyrule must hate with a passion. His selfish obsession for smashing pots. Sure he gets loot but what of his morality? Breaking and entering, vandalism, larceny... he's almost as bad of an influence as that druggie Mario. The theme of clay pots has been used for Link/Zelda tees almost as much as the color Green. This one has a lot going for it as for design and gag variation. However, there should be more spacing between the words. Especially since the text is written in all caps.

As for the artwork, it is balanced, clean and well drawn. The colors are bright, the shading is good with central lighting. The character expression is the same as the Castaway "WILSON" or the Planet of the Apes "Statue of Liberty" moments. It fits the theme theme perfectly.

This is a relatable tee that fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise would like.

I Need More Pots Tee Design by trheewood.

Is available on T-shirts. Military Green colored fabric is mandatory. More color options would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows:

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