Insane Queen Tee Design Review.


Insane Queen Tee Design by Donnie

Insane Queen Tee Design by Donnie

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Insane Queen tee design features Harley Quinn smiling while holding a big gun.

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TheĀ Insane Queen tee design is for the loyal Harley Quinn fans

The concept is simply a super demented looking Harley Quinn with the most creepiest stare and most menacing grin while holding her hand canon.

As far as the artwork, it is worthy of the DC comic books that feature her, be it Batman or her own titles. The colors are appropriate and bold and the shading and highlights are professionally consistent.

This is a great tee that Harley Quinn fans wouldn't mind adding it to their collections. It is captures everything about the character's personality.

As for the Print, the colors turned out really nice, The Reds are actually Red.

Insane Queen Tee design by Donnie.

Black is the only fabric color choice. It is available on T-shirts. The review breakdown is as follows

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