Kaylee’s Spacecraft Repair Tee Design Review.


Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair Tee Design By Bamboota.

Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair Tee Design By Bamboota.

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair tee design features a cartoon of Kaylee Frye from Firefly sitting on a tiny Serenity that promotes her "Shiny Spacecraft Repair" Services.

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TheĀ Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair tee design is for Firefly and Serenity fans especially if they favor Kaylee. It is also for the mechanics and pin-up lovers.

The concept is solid and makes perfect sense. Assuming that Kaylee would ever part from the Serenity crew, she would indeed open up her own spaceship repair service to make a humble living.

As for the artwork, the colors are appropriate for a cartoon of Kaylee and Serenity as well as her swirling parasol. It has decent shading that's a little inconsistent. There are lots of details that bring the tee to life. There is this sort of Warner Bros. meets Disney illustration style which isn't something we see everyday, which works well with this concept.

The colors don't actually match the thumbnail on the retailer's website which is a downer but gray looks good for her clothing too but a point is taken away for that even though it still works. Green would had been better though since Kaylee really does wear green and since it is complimentary to the reds.

This Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair tee will make a nice gift Browncoats everywhere.

This design is available on kids' tees too but the sizes and colors are more restricted.

Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair Tee Design by Bamboota.

Is available on T-shirts. Silver, Powder Blue, Navy, Turquoise and Mint are the only fabric color options and they are good choices as they are sky colors which match the theme of the design. Although BLACK would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows:

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