Leeloo’s Auto Wash Tee Design Review.


Leeloo's Auto Wash Tee Design by Doodle Dee

Leeloo's Auto Wash Tee Design by Doodle Dee

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Leeloo's Auto Wash tee design is a retro like cartoon ad for a fictional car wash business based on the movie The Fifth Element.

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TheĀ Leeloo's Auto Wash tee design is for the Fifth Element fans.

The concept is for a car wash ad or signage. It features Leeloo the Fifth Element aka the Supreme Being who apparently scrubs vehicles for a mediocre living at her own business named after herself. Although the "Auto Wash" applies to vehicles in this design, in the movie it refers to a shower inside Korben Dallas's apartment. So the reference is a bit skewed.

As for the artwork, it has a cartoon style. In this version she is wearing Brown pants. The colors sync up with the movie. There is no shading but it isn't really needed for this concept or style. The lighting on the bubbles should come from the same direction to be consistent but most people will not notice this.

This Leeloo's Auto Wash tee will make a nice gift for the Fifth Element fans that want something a bit lighthearted and whimsical.

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons, Sci-Fi Conventions and anywhere else.

Leeloo's Auto Wash Tee Design by Doodle Dee.

Is available on T-shirts. Lake, Mandarin Orange and Purple are the fabric color choices. The review breakdown is as follows:

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