Mashup Tee Design Review.

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Mashup Tee Design by Vintz

Mashup Tee Design by Vintz

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Mashup tee design features Indiana Jones removing a C3PO head from the trap instead of an idol parodying the famous Raiders of The Lost Ark Scene.

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The mashup tee design is for Star Wars and Indiana Jones fans. This design works Stars Wars into Raiders of the Lost Ark.

First off, awesome concept. The mashing up of the two franchises has been done many times like the Starcheology for example. But this is one of the best takes and better mash ups out there and is definitely worthy of the name. The archaeologist is about to snatch an ancient golden android head which is the focal point of the design. Got that, C3PO is the star. Second, that's the laziest title for a mash up tshirt that I've ever come a across. There are countless "mashups" of characters and whatnot out there. It is a genius move though for people typing "mashup tee" and other variations will probably find this one first. So is it "genius" or "laziness" on Vintz's part? The art would suggest "genius".

The Mashup tee is a very well executed design that breaks all the rules. Unlike the actual scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark (shown above), Dr. Jones is reaching out from the shadows. Instead of basking in the glow of the priceless artifact. Which happens to the head of the droid C3PO instead of a golden idol. Having him enter from the shadows is smart as it is effective. It requires less work with the character being implied. It also avoids any copyright infringement by not showing the face. The design looks really nice as a t-shirt by keeping it simplified. While the highlights are added for emphasis, they are actually in the wrong place for the light source to be from C3PO's head. But that was an artist's call to solve the problem of making the character stand out better. It may be wrong but it still looks good. The coloring couldn't be better.

The Mashup design is perfect for wearing to screenings of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Comic cons and so on and so forth.

Mashup Tee Design by Vintz.

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