The Plumber’s Closet Tee Design Review.

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The Plumber's Closet Tee Design by glenbrogan

The Plumber's Closet Tee Design by glenbrogan

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Plumber's Closet Tee Design features Mario in his underwear while trying to pick something to wear.

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The Plumber's closet tee design is for the Mario fans who have trouble figuring out what to wear.

The concept for the Plumber's Closet tee is to show all of Mario's known costumes and suits and have him stand before them all indecisive like a woman on a date night. It makes sense that Mario would have a closet this big since he was originally a carpenter. I just want to yell at this shirt "You're a plumber man pick the damn overalls." This character and wardrobe concept has been done with other franchises and at this point in time I am not sure which one was first. If I had to guess I'd say this one was.

As for the artwork, it is illustrated well. Lots of colors and consistent soft shading make this eye catching.The layout is ideal for the gag.

The Plumber's Closet tee will make a nice gift for any Nintendo fan.

This is a good gamer's shirt that fits in anywhere.

The Plumber's Closet Tee Design by glenbrogan.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. A few light fabric colors are available depending on the style. The review breakdown is as follows:

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