Pop Vamp All Over Print Tee Design Review.

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Pop Vamp Tee Design by Berry Method.

Pop Vamp Tee Design by Berry Method.

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Pop Vamp All Over Print tee design features an edited Marilyn Monroe portrait giving her fangs.

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TheĀ Pop Vamp All Over Print tee design is for the Marilyn Monroefans and people with a vampire fetish.

The concept is to simply do a pop art variation of a pop culture icon turning Marilyn Monroe a vampire. This isn't exactly original as all kinds of artists have transformed her image into sexy various forms of monsters over the years like zombies, mummies, vampyres and werewolves. It is a no brainer that combining Marilyn Monroe with anything would sell. Her immortalized likeness will always be trendy.

As for the artwork, it is good for what it is. The artist didn't take the original photograph of Marilyn themselves. But the additions and edits do make for an interesting image. The use of Red as blood splatters and in the hair adds contrast to an otherwise Black and White image of a beautiful woman. The result is a blown up image that takes up the entire tee and it looks damn good.

This is a great shirt for wearing in October with Halloween and Day of The Dead being around the corner.

Pop Vamp All Over Print Tee Design by Berry Method.

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