Serenity Service Repair Manual Tee Review.

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Serenity Service and Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982.

Serenity Service and Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982.

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Serenity Service Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982 features a HAYNES or CHILTON style repair manual of the famous Firefly class spacecraft.

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TheĀ Serenity Service Repair Manual tee design is a great tee for mechanics who love the cult classic television show Firefly and Firefly vessel (Serenity).

This concept is good. It would make a better book cover or movie poster as how many people wear vehicle repair manual covers on their tees otherwise? Yes, it helps that this one is a pop culture based design and makes the idea more bearable. Anything Firefly is good even if it is a bit of a stretch for a tee idea. Not that the design isn't good, it is actually excellent for what it is. Plenty of Firefly lines in one tee. Such as these lines from the episode entitled Train Job.

The Train Job

Act 1

[[In Infirmary]]

Simon: River? River, it's okay. It's me. You know who I am?

River: Simon.

Simon: Were you dreaming? Did you dream about the academy?

River: It's not relevant.

Simon: If you can talk about what happened there-- I know it's hard, but the more I know, the faster you'll get better.

River: This isn't home?

Simon. No. No we can't go home. If we go home, they'll just send you back to the academy. This is safe for now. We're on a ship.

River: Midbulk transport. Standard radion accelerator core class-code 03-K64. Firefly.

Mal: Well that's somethin'. I can't even remember all that.

Simon: Need a weave on that?

Mal: It's nothin'.

Simon: I expect there's someone's face feels differently.

Mal: Well, they tell ya, never hit a man with a closed fist; but it is, on occasion, hilarious.

Simon: Hmm. I suppose so. So the uh-- the fight didn't... draw any, um, any attention?

Mal: No feds. Just an honest brawl between folk. Ain't none of us want the Alliance on us, Doctor. That's why you're here.

Simon: I thought I was here because you needed a medic.

Mal: Well, not today.

[Mal exits]

River: Mal. Bad. In the Latin.

As for the artwork, it really does look like the HAYNES and CHILTON vehicle or auto repair manuals. If there really was such a book I'd buy it.

This Serenity Service Repair Manual tee would make a great gift for the fans of Firefly and Serenity.

This is a great geek shirt that is perfect for comic-cons and whatever. I'd wear it to bar.

Serenity Service Repair Manual Tee Design by ADHO 1982.

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