Super Breaking Blocks Tee Design Review.

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Super Breaking Blocks Tee Design by Ninjaink

Super Breaking Blocks Tee Design by Ninjaink

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Super Breaking Blocks tee design features a mash up of Breaking Bad and Super Mario Bros.

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TheĀ Super Breaking Blocks tee design is for Super Mario Bros. and Breaking Bad fans that can't can't get enough of either.

This a fantastic mashup and one of the best for both Super Mario Bros. and Breaking Bad. It makes the top 3 easily for either or both. That is saying a lot considering that there are A LOT of them out there.

As for the artwork, it is as professional as a tee can get. Great coloring and shading with true to the show and video game likenesses. It combines many of the elements that both franchises have in common. The ones used is nothing short of genius. It features Walter white in his yellow hazmat Tanooki suit and has Tortuga on a Troopa instead of a Tortoise. No coincidence that Tortuga looks like Luigi here. This would had gotten a perfect 5 out of 5 stars had there been actual Blue "Blocks" being broken as the shirt title suggests. Give us our "Blue Sky" dammit!

This Super Breaking Blocks tee would make a great gift for the fans of both franchises. It is like buying them 2 gifts in 1.

While this tee is badass, I wouldn't recommend it as a school garment with the Breaking Bad references. Other than that, this will make a great t-shirt for any casual occasion.

Super Breaking Blocks Tee Design by Ninjaink.

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