All the Banana by NemiMakeit

All The Banana Baseball T-shirt Design Review.

All the Banana Tee design features a cute yellow peeled banana that is flipping off everyone. This is done using the anthropomorphic peel as hands. Topped off with the Banana saying "Look at all the banana I give". This design is ideal for people who love silly situations and and a little attitude.

The concept all about being edgy without being too crude. It is done in a humorous and cheeky way. Also, there is some lightheartedness that reminds us not to take life too seriously. I also imagine that this Yellow guy is aiming his intention towards Minions.

As for the artwork, the banana is so adorable and it has dimples. Bright and colorful. An ideal Kawaii cartoon if there ever was one.

Also, I would recommend this tee because you'll get attention wearing this tee shirt. It will also make a great gift for vegans.

As for the print, It turned out PERFECT AS ALWAYS from Neatoshop. The colors especially the darker Yellow stands out more than the competition.

All The Banana Baseball T-shirt Design by NemiMakeit.

Is also available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts, Dog T-shirts and more. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows:

Zero Fox Tee Design by fishbiscuit.

Zero Fox Tee Design Review.

The Zero Fox tee design is for the pun lovers and people who don't give a ****.

The concept for the Zero Fox tee is simply the words "I GIVE" followed by a smiling numeric zero "0" next to a smiling fox. When said out loud it sounds like profanity. It is a cute shirt for smart ass adults who like to get reactions from people and who like to live life on the edge. This shirt is cute, sassy and full of unsuspecting attitude. This is not an original concept or pun by any means, but this T-shirt is one of the better executed versions of the idea.

As for the artwork, it is a cute cartoon that makes use of the color orange (and it is not even a Halloween tee). It features smooth and consistent shading and for a cartoon that is saying something as most people don't even bother with such details. The result is a bubbly effect that makes the elements pop a bit and it adds to the overall cuteness.

This Zero Fox tee is intended for the more liberal adults, especially women. Some kids might could get away with wearing something like this but don't purchase it as a school garment.

Zero Fox Tee Design by fishbiscuit.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Posters, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Many fabric color choices are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Fort Kickass Tee Design.

Fort Kickass Tee Design Review.

The Fort Kickass tee design is for the imaginative kids at heart that want to find a place to get away from it all.

This funny shirt is full of attitude. The design depicts a standard couch fort that we all built as kids, complete with the mandatory paper sign taped to a load bearing cushion at the entrance. In this case it reads "Danger Zone".

The phrase "Your Authority Is Not Recognized In Fort Kickass" just adds to the childlike rebelliousness of this tee. But the genius of this shirt comes out when this tee is applied to adulthood. Imagine if you could say this openly to a boss. Go ahead, take a minute and enjoy that thought. Now imagine saying it to a parent or a teacher. That's good but not quite the same effect right? NOW imagine saying it to whoever you are in a relationship with... that is comical gold. With the latter however, you might go from the prestigious Fort Kickass to the doghouse by the time it is all said and done. But it is genius none the less.

As for the artwork, the shading isn't the most consistent but no one will notice. There really isn't any color to critique and the concept is straight forward.

This tee is great for a laugh or to make statement. Plus it is available in kid sizes too!

Fort Kickass Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees, Hoodies. Navy Blue colored fabric is mandatory. The review breakdown is as follows:

Pink Lips Tee Design by viSionDesign.

Pinks Lips Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Pink Lips tee design is for the people that like bad girls and the hip hop gangsta style.

This is a design that has elements of gangsta life but done up to glamorize the look and influences of the culture. Not that that lifestyle is ideal but it does hold its artistic merits.

As for the artwork, there are a lot of things going on outside of the central sexy girl with pink lips and long eye lashes wearing a backwards baseball cap. First off, This is black and white aside from the lips. Second, there is a lot of Hispanic aspects to the design from the vibe and the artistic style itself. Third, there are skulls with horns as tattoos along with one tattoo of a girl as well as a large skull wearing a bandanna as an off centered background image overshadowing from behind the girl. Then there is: a Zippo lighter, a stylized Mesoamerican type snake, Rolled Dice revealing "Snakes Eyes". Finally there is an uncolored gold chain and a graffiti style border around the artwork.

This Pink Lips tee will make an ideal gift for the girls that are into hip hop and the whole Latina gangsta look.

This is a good urban themed design that is good for wearing casually in everyday life and social situations.

This design printed on a hoodie looks especially nice, even over and around the pockets. The print turned even better than it does on their tees which is impressive. The Hoodie is also incredibly soft.

Pink Lips Tee Design by viSionDesign.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Quiet People Tee Design By diretornak.

Quiet People Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Quiet People tee design is for the shy and introverted. As it is the quiet people that often have the most important things to say or contribute to society. Then again, sometimes they are also the most dangerous as well.

As for the artwork, there is a tasteful nude brunette pinup with tattoos on her arm. She stands in the middle of the words "Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds" and in front of the "op" in "people". She appears to represent self expression and individuality as well as people's attraction to the mysterious.

This Quiet People tee will make an ideal gift for the shy artsy types, especially if they happen to like pin-up girls.

This design is ideal to wear anywhere that isn't formal. However, it is not appropriate for children or as school or work clothes.

Quiet People Tee Design by diretornak.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. White Fabric is mandatory. The review breakdown is as follows: