Little Jokesters Tee Design by OneBluebird Art

Little Jokesters Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Little Jokesters tee design is a great parody and mash up tee for people who love the The Joker and Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series, (or anything Batman related) and the classic Americana paintings of Norman Rockwell.

Boy And Girl Gazing At The Moon Painting (aka Puppy Love) by Norman Rockwell

The concept is one of many Pop Culture renditions (by the same designer) of the nostalgic painting Boy and Girl Gazing At The Moon by Norman Rockwell (1926). It features The Joker and Harley Quinn as the young couple "in-love" with one of their pet hyenas (Bud or Lou) behind them at the corner of the wooden bench. It has a couple more references to their characters such as a Molotov Cocktail, a gag pistol, Harley's over sized wooden mallet and a Jack-In-The-Box. This, like all of the other versions in this "Little Spooners" series, the time and thought that went into this design cannot be appreciated enough. This mash up brings together different eras seamlessly and in my opinion does it better than the "Steampunk" style or movement which is the most well known style of this sort (Steampunk blends different eras with the steam powered 19th century). Very few pieces tend to blend eras this well (and have the subject still make sense).

As for the artwork, it looks like the Rockwell Style but with bolder cartoon like colors. The colors, shading and layout are all spectacular. The colors match the couple's regular outfits and "toys". Flawless execution.

This Little Jokesters tee will make a nice gift for the fans of Batman:The Animated Series. It is different than other Joker and Harley inspired tees out there. There is enough references to make every fan of the crime duo happy and pleased with both the art and concept.

This is a great Joker and Harley T-shirt that is perfect for comic-cons and even wearing to museums.

Little Jokesters Tee Design by OneBluebird Art.

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