Ladies of DC Harley Quinn Tee Design by Casa Del Kables

Ladies of DC Harley Quinn Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Ladies of DC Harley Quinn tee design is for the Batman and specifically Harley Quinn fans.

The concept is for Adults only. Meaning that Harley is a stripper at a Gentleman's club called The Iceberg Lounge and the Joker is the owner of the establishment. This artwork was taken from a larger Art Print design by the same artist which also available as a tee in a regular print tee that show the entire scene (Both are shown below). It is part of a series of artwork which features Gotham's baddest dames as strippers. This cropped view eliminates most of the bimbo aspect of her personality and focuses on the sexy cute aspects where as the other versions give her a little humor through dimwitted dialogue.

Ladies of DC Harley Quinn Art PrintLadies of DC Harley Quinn Regular Print Tee

As for the artwork, it damn good. It is done in the same style as Batman the Animated series. The coloring is simple with the idea that red tint is reflecting on her hair and skin. The shading is even better with the background using halftones and the use of tonal shading on the subject. The contrast makes the tee easy to look at from any distance. There is action in this tee as Harley is actually doing something and not just standing there. Granted she is struggling with getting dressed but there is still struggle none-the-less.

Like most of the designs on this site, it would make a great Comic-Con shirt.

Ladies of DC Harley Quinn Tee Design by Casa Del Kables.

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