Tattooed Girl 1 Tee Design by zainiklistiyani.

Tattooed Girl 1 Tee Design Review.

The Tattooed Girl 1 tee design is for the people into the lowbrow style art and the Día de Muertos theme.

The concept for the Tattooed Girl 1 tee is to show a chesty blonde woman as a tattooed day of the dead girl. The first thing you will notice is the girl herself. She is smiling and she is in some sort of one arm behind the head pose. The next thing you might notice is the Red circle that is framing her as a design element. And contrary to the title of the piece, the tattoos are probably the last thing to go noticed. Largely due to do the contrast of the other colors.

As for the artwork, it takes an almost minimalist approach. Very little shading and no color blending involved. The focus is of the figure and solid colors are used to emphasize the shapes and contours. The scale and sizing of the arms seems to be off to my eyes, particularly the size of the biceps when compared to each other and the seemingly absent shoulder with the raised arm. I am not sure if this is a sign of an amateur artist or a mark of a genius such as Pablo Picasso. You can decide.

As for the Print, we went with a hoodie. It is a bit muted compared to the DBH thumbnail of the design. At least for the Reds and the subtle colors that are supposed to reveal the woman's actual eyes (shown as solid Black) within the Dark Grey of painted eyes. As for the Fabric, Black is the best choice especially for contrast. The Hoodie is comfy and cozy.

Tattooed Girl 1 Tee Design By zainiklistiyani.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Black Fabric is alright but a lighter fabric color choice might reveal the eyes better. The review breakdown is as follows: