Men of Science Tee design by Everdream.

Men of Science Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Men of Science tee design is for the Futurama, Rick and Morty and Archer fans. Specifically the ones that like science and the mad scientist type of characters.

The concept is hilarious, awesome and one of those I WISH type scenarios. If a crossover cartoon would come into existence that featured these three characters it would make my year. Professor Farnsworth, Rick Sanchez and Dr. Algernop Krieger are not just insanely funny they are characters that no one in their right mind would ever cross or screw over. The fing-longer is a great choice for Professor Farnsworth's gadget. Of course Rick's gadget is his inter-dimensional portal gun. Krieger's Magic Breathe Strips are extremely funny but not necessarily the best choice for his device. For these three mad scientists to team up would be like releasing the Apocalypse upon the world. The world would die laughing via a comedy disease from another dimension released by some sort of doomsday device.

As for the artwork, it is not the best but it is far from the worst. The characters' skin tones are blacked out but the clothing isn't. Which is weird that it's that inconsistent but oddly it doesn't take that much away from this concept. The coloring isn't the best but it is good enough to distinguish the characteristics. As for the shading, it is non existent unless you count the aforementioned black out skin tones. The layout is simple and it works. There doesn't need to be anything else to execute the idea meaning the gag is delivered instantly with what there is. Which is what makes it a good tee. More action and detail might mess it up.

This Men of Science tee will make a nice gift for science buffs and fans of these cartoons: Futurama, Rick and Morty and of course Archer.

Men of Science Tee Design by Everdream.

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