Elephants Never Forgive Tee Design

Elephants Never Forgive Tee Design Review.

Elephants Never Forgive tee design is for people that like elephants and perhaps those that hold grudges.

This cute and funny shirt is full of attitude. Bad Attitude that is. The concept is very straight forward.The simple and menacing looking cartoon is bound to get a few complements and tons of laughs. Just look at the shifty eyes! People that relate to the "never forget and never forgive" aspect might even see the elephant as their power animal.

The Elephants Never Forgive tee design is also on children's apparel. Although, it may not be appropriate as school clothing with the knife and all.

This tee is great for wearing to any casual occasion and it may stir up some odd conversations. Whatever happens in life remember this, never ever screw over an elephant.

Elephants Never Forgive Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees, Hoodies. Smoke For Men's, Asphalt for Women's fabric colors are mandatory. Navy Blue is the only color for kids' tees. The review breakdown is as follows: