Linkooki Tee Design by Arinesart.

Linkooki Tee Design Review.

The  Linkooki tee design is for the true Nintendo fans, the ones that like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. It is a mash up that is great for those gamers who cannot decide which game or character is their favorite out of the two.

The concept is good even if not original. Neither of the men Link or Mario can keep tabs on their women. They are always losing them to some villain and always out trying to rescue them. They might as well be the same character. Imagine questing through the sewers of Hyrule for hours on end.

While there is not much as far as originality with this character since the face is a straight Mario rip, not features of both, the design works. The Mario face is what makes it a Tanooki suit spoof. The paleness and fashion of Link make the blonde Mario acceptable. Without the other Legend of Zelda elements this tee wouldn't have the same impact.

The drawing is clean with no shading as it is not really needed. The colors work well, although a darker green might had been better, in order to contrast with the pale skin more.

This is a good Nintendo themed tee that kids of all ages should love.

This casual shirt is good for wearing anywhere, especially where video games are involved.

Linkooki Tee Design by Arinesart.

Is available on T-shirts. Kiwi Green colored fabric is mandatory, other shades of green would had worked or been nice. The review breakdown is as follows:

World 1-1 Building Tee Design by Mishan D

World 1-1 Building Tee Design Review.

The World 1-1 Building tee design is a fan made explanation of why the Mario World looks the way it does. Based on the popular theory that spread all over the internet that the Super Mario Bros. plot and characters are merely actors taking on different roles and plays from game to game, at least after the first one. The video below is one of many that go into more details about this theory.

Mario is a Play

The Koopa Troopas depicted here on this tee are painting and bolting the stage scenery and props according to their drawn up plans, just as the world appears in the Super Mario 3 game. Bolts and all. A nice behind the scenes take on the adventures.

It is interesting to see these bad guys as manual laborers and not just henchmen. Adding a little depth to their characters.

The World 1-1 Building tee is a great for Mario and Nintendo fans alike even if Mario himself only has a tiny cameo in the design, his face in a Wanted Poster.

This artwork is available on children's apparel, and what child does not like Mario?

While visiting the retailer link you may get the following message. (If so do as it suggests and it should be available again.)

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

World 1-1 Building Tee Design by Mishan D.

Baby Blue fabric is mandatory, it works for the sky area of the design. Since it is easier to print dark green over light blue than it is to print light blue over dark green, this is the best fabric color for this design. Other options would had been nice though. The review breakdown is as follows:

It's Dangerous To Go Alone Tee Design by Dan Elijah Fajardo

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone Tee Review.

The It's Dangerous To Go Alone tee is for the hardcore Legend of Zelda fans. It features all of the most important elements from the beloved RPG game in a more realistic view and setting. The use of the Princess's head shape as the frame for the scene really ties the piece and concept together. Like she is always present and watching over Link in a way. The hero aspect is very evident in the mood and imagery. It does not look like it is just some dude walking up to a castle. It looks like a man with a mission is about to risk everything and proceed into a dangerous situation.

The shirt color color becomes one with the artwork as the negative space becomes towering trees. The best tee designs seem to practice this technique which also serves to save on ink cost. Dan really showcases his honed skills as a professional artist. Proven himself as one of the modern masters.

The It's Dangerous To Go Alone design makes for a casual tee perfect for gaming and roaming the streets. It is only available in Men's, Women's apparel. Which blows chunks, as plenty of kids are fans of The Legend of Zelda series and would love to add this tee to their collection.

It's Dangerous To Go Alone Tee Design by Dan Elijah Fajardo.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases, Wall Art. Olive colored fabric is mandatory as it is an appropriate Link themed color and as aforementioned, part of the design itself. The review breakdown is as follows: