Lil Mac's Gym Tee Design by Jango Snow.

Lil Mac’s Gym Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Lil Mac's Gym tee design is for the Punch Out fans that may or may not like Notre Dame's The Fighting Irish.

The concept is to combine the the fighting leprechaun logo of Notre Dame with the playable character Mac from (Mike Tyson's) Punch Out game for the original NES. The two combined for Lil Mac's Boxing Gym makes for a decent T-shirt.

As for the artwork, the style is derivative but that is to be expected with this type of mash up. The trademark green shorts and boxing gloves are a huge tip off on who the character is as anyone who played the video game will recognize them instantly.

This Lil Mac's Gym tee will make a nice retro gift. Wear this tee for an 80's vibe or give one to an old school Nintendo gamer.

Lil Mac's Gym Tee Design by Jango Snow.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Black, Charcoal and Navy Blue are the only fabric color options but they are the only colors that would work. The review breakdown is as follows:

Fighting Club Tee Design by spike00.

Fighting Club Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Fighting Club tee design is for the ultimate Fight Club fan, especially those that like the Fighting Irish.

There are some nice Fight Club tees out there in the world but this one tops the others as it sums up the movie and book quite well. Plus it is hilarious. When I first seen this design, I did a spit take and as a result my monitor was dripping with coffee. Expect other fans to have similar reactions.

As for the artwork, it has the same color scheme as the movie posters black white and pink and if that isn't a manly trio of security then nothing is. The concept of this mashup is flawless. The missing teeth and self inflicted black eye couldn't reflect the narrator any better. Spike00 nailed it.

This Fighting Club tee will make a great gift for Fight Club fans, without any complaints.

This design is ideal to wear anywhere that isn't formal. It is the perfect shirt to to quit a job in or get fired however. NOT, that is what anyone should do that cause that would be bad.

Fighting Club Tee Design spike00.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows: