Screwed Tee Design by BootsBoots.

Shark and Diver Screwed Tee Design Review.

The Screwed tee design features a lost scuba diver staring at a map who is surrounded by circling sharks.

The concept for the Screwed tee is meant to be humorous. But it goes deeper than that. Some people have bad luck just like this scuba diver. Other people keep finding themselves in sticky situations. Just like this scuba diver. Also, a lot of people are clueless and end up at the business end of a stick. This design is for all of these types of people.

The art work itself is funny and well illustrated. First, there is the great use of negative space throughout the entire design. Most of the elements consist of the fabric color itself. Second, the composition is balanced well and the focus in the center, making it pleasing to the eye. Third, the colors that are used not only work well together but are appropriate for the theme. Finally, one can't help but relate and feel for the oblivious diver. Because, while this design is comical it really sums up a lot of life's everyday situations brilliantly.

As for the print, the colors are muted compared to the design thumbnail.

Screwed Tee Design by BootsBoots.

Is available on: Tees, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Stickers, Phone Cases, Art Prints, Mugs, Totes, Cards, Bags, and more. There are a few fabric color options to choose from. The review breakdown is as follows:

Shark Forest Tee Design by Artemple

Shark Forest Tee Design Review.

The Shark Forest tee is for shark lovers and those that like the strange. This surreal tee leaves lots to the imagination. Such as trying to figure out what exactly is going on in this scene. Did the forest get submerged into the ocean or did sharks suddenly learn to fly. I, for one, welcome our new shark overlords but either way some mad scientist somewhere needs to pay!!!

There is something alien-like to this design, a feeling like something's not quite right.

The artwork really does not need an explanation (even though it would be nice) as it just looks badass. This dreamlike or rather nightmarish scenario lures the viewer in a car wreck, they can't help but to look and not look away. They want to know too!

Artemple created this otherworldly effect by silhouetting the trees and backing them with an odd mix of cool and warm colors. By placing normal looking sharks behaving as they would naturally but in a completely different landscape something magical happens. This creates the "Is it on land or in the water?" question and makes it blurred and unanswered.

The Shark Forest design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn anytime and anywhere especially during Shark Week.

Shark Forest Tee Design by Artemple.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases, Wall Art and Sweatshirts. Black fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork. The review breakdown is as follows: