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Wolves Hoodie Design Review.

The Wolves hoodie design features one Grey wolf and one Brown wolf each looking in opposite directions with a galaxy background. This design is ideal for people who love animals, nature, and outer space.

The concept, if I had to guess is all about the spiritual animal being a wolf. The two of them together implying that the journey doesn't have to be taken alone. The galaxy motif adds the spiritual element.

As for the artwork it is realistic and outdoorsy. These canine friends seem to give an impression of "not to be intimidated" yet patience and calmness if unprovoked.

This is a casual design to be worn at any setting or event such as concerts, camping, class, etc.

This hoodie will make a great gift for animal and nature enthusiasts.

Wolves Hoodie Design by Reverb.

Is available on Hoodies. There is no fabric color choice as this is printed using the Sublimation technique. The review breakdown is as follows:

Rising Hoodie Design by JUN087

Rising Hoodie Design Review.

This Rising Hoodie design is for the astronomers in the world. This earth scene shirt will make a great gift for any stargazer.

The concept is to show Earth Rising on the horizon rather than the moon or sun. There are trees so its like viewing earth from earth but a different earth. The concept is everything for this design. Surreal and it makes you think. Twists make things interesting and this is definitely that.

Now for the artwork, the style makes great use of negative space. Letting the color be the subject matter and the Black be the foreground and midground.

As for the Print, this turned out fair but not great. It is not 100% to the thumbnail partly due to variations in monitor settings. However it is muted quite a bit suggesting more saturation was needed. These photos are also Low-Res as my usual camera is unavailable at the moment.

Rising Hoodie Design by JUN087.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Many color options are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

JellySpace Tee Design

JellySpace Tee Design Review.

This JellySpace tee design is for the people that like both outer space and ocean, including those that think NASA is a hoax and that all their weightlessness is staged in a water tank.

The concept is to show the A range of ideals and emotions associated with space exploration, discovery, and life itself regardless of form. An astronaut is holding a colorful jellyfish with wonder and care. This catchers the viewer off guard and piques the imagination.

As for the artwork, the main focus colors are in that surreal neon and pastel blend spectrum. Which represents life energy I imagine. On that note, the coloring is topnotch. Just look at the glow reflected on the space suit! Next, The lines and shading are as professional as it gets with details that average amateur artist would overlook.

As for the Print, this turned out remarkably well considering that DTG printers do not print Neon Colors as that spectrum is outside of the gamut. I am very pleased with how this designed turned out as I ordered it to specifically show the color offset, but it still turned out quite nice. Yes, there is muting. Is it true to the thumbnail? No, that is impossible in this case. But I am making an exception because it still looks cool. So 5 out of 5 stars for the printing method/print this time. The price also gets a bump up in the score due to this print turning out better than expected. Once again, I'm sorry for the lighting in my photo (worn image) as it is not the greatest.

JellySpace Tee Design By Angoes.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. A few dark color choices are available depending on what style is chosen.The review breakdown is as follows:

Cosmic Inside Tee Design by fourscore

Cosmic Inside Tee Design Review.

The Cosmic Inside tee design is not just for the astronomy lovers, it is for everyone. As Carl Sagan said "We are all made of star stuff."

The concept is based on just that. Only it is taken to an extreme interpretation of having a complete galaxy within the human body. As above so below.

As for the artwork, the positive aspects are that the colors are bold and bright as a galaxy should be. The shading and highlights are great. The Superman shirt pull is a good vehicle for this idea. As for the negatives, the astronaut is drawn without legs which makes it seem incomplete to me. There is no background which isn't a deal breaker but some stars, a space shuttle, an asteroid or something could had been cool. You know to sell the point of it being an astronaut and not just someone in a spaceman costume that could be hanging out in their backyard or bathroom. But maybe that is the point. That this could be anyone, from any planet or from within.

The printed colors won't actually match the thumbnail on the retailer's website which is a downer so a point is taken away for that reason.

This Cosmic Inside tee will make an ideal gift for those people that dig astronomy, biology and philosophy.

Cosmic Inside Tee Design By fourscore.

Is available on T-shirts. Black, Charcoal, Navy, Charcoal Heather, Navy Heather are the fabric color options available which is good but more colors would had been great. The review breakdown is as follows:

Nanonauts Tee Design by tgentry

Nanonauts Tee Design Review.

The Nanonauts tee design is great for people that are into both Astronomy and Microbiology. Could even add those that like Sci-Fi into the mix as well.

This design makes me think of that 1987 movie Innerspace starring Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan and Martin Short. Which was actually a very good film and highly underrated. It also reminds me of the hilarious Futurama episode entitled Parasites Lost.

The artwork consist of a simple style cartoon of a DNA strand and three nanonauts. The "nanonauts" are like astronauts or deep sea divers depending on how you'd like to look at it as ever is comparable to this concept.

Tgentry used the cool end of the color spectrum to create this design which makes the Navy fabric color a wise choice. Simple shading adds a little depth to the shirt.

The Nanonaut design is on children's apparel too. Which will hopefully inspire a new generation of geneticists, astronauts and microbiologists.

While visiting the retailer you may get the following message:

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

Nanonauts Tee Design by Tgentry.

 Navy is the only fabric color available. The review breakdown is as follows: