Boss' Cat Tee Design by Ben Chen

Boss’ Cat Tee Design Review.

The Boss' Cat tee is for fans of The Godfather and the Garfield comic strip. This design is a mashup parody and will only be truly appreciated by fans of both franchises and of Garfield specifically. People that only like The Godfather might see this parody as an insult to the masterpiece.

After seeing this, it is no freaking wonder Garfield loves Italian food. Being the prized kitty of a mob boss has its advantages. Jon Arbuckle was just some cartoonist schmuck that tried to hold the fat cat for a fat ransom. It is just too bad that this concept has been done before, more than a few times by many people.

This artwork finds that fine line between realism and cartoon and blurs it nicely. Although, half of Garfield's head should technically be covered in more shadow as to be consistent with the Godfather's head.

Ben Chen drew Garfield in the original comic style and altered the Godfather to match the Garfield comic style. This version is better than others of the same concept.

The Boss' Cat design makes for a fun tee to wear to any casual event. Movie and Pizza nights will never be the same.

Boss' Cat Tee Design by Ben Chen.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases and Sweatshirts. Black fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork. The original cover art of The Godfather was on a Black background so it is a no brainer. The review breakdown is as follows:

Top College Cuisine Tee Design by freshmutton

Top College Cuisine Tee Design Review.

The Top College Cuisine tee design is one that the majority of people a.k.a. the 99% can relate to whether a college student or not. Be it living paycheck to paycheck from a minimum wage job or having no time to get real food. "Poverty Flavor" indeed. Ramen, which is full of MSG and processed crap, fuels the masses. Whether you like the taste or not this tee is one that everyone can laugh at. Even if we are technically laughing at ourselves and our own misfortune.

The concept of Ramen getting people through tough times has been referenced often in Pop Culture such as in the hit series Breaking Bad Gray Matter episode.

We've all heard the expression that art imitates life. In this case it is art imitating life's product packaging art, not very original (ie. Warhol), freshmutton is just living in the current time.

The irony implied of being able to go to a great college but not having money or time to get something good to eat is not lost. Instead of "Top College" a spoof on "Top Ramen" this could had been called "Ghetto's Best" and it would still deliver the same concept and reach the same demographic.

The Top College Cuisine artwork is available on children's apparel so if anyone wants to prepare their kids for college life then this design will set the tone nicely.

Wear this tee anywhere and everywhere with a casual setting.

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

Top College Cuisine Tee Design By freshmutton.

Red fabric is mandatory, it is the color of beef Ramen packaging. Almost any color could had worked though. The review breakdown is as follows:

Dont Care Bears Tee Design by Alex Solis

Don’t Care Bears Tee Design Review.

The Don't Care Bears tee is for the people that hate commercialism and those that generally don't give a damn. Care Bears were created by the American Greetings Corporation LLC in the 1980's in the same fashion that HE-MAN was created, to target kids and sell them merchandise. Not the other way around. Those cute colorful fluffy bastards were and are pure evil stinking of corporate greed.

The Don't Care Bears tee is the perfect response to the Care Bear plague for anyone that lived in the 80's and has a strong sense of sarcasm, twisted humor and that are generally just meh.

Alex Solis is the King of Parodies. His artwork is detailed, bold and clever enough to slap people to get their attention. The illustration is a lot like the actual Care Bears just "darker" in every sense of the word. Alex executed the concept flawlessly as usual. It is only available in Men's and Women's Tees, sorry kiddos.

The Don't Care Bears design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn around people born in the 1980's or around uptight people to make them uncomfortable. You know the types. Like the people that actually liked the Care Bears.

Don't Care Bears Tee Design by Alex Solis.

Is available on: Tees and Phone Cases. Black fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork. The review breakdown is as follows: