Over Your Dead Body Tee Design by Tim Shumate.

Over Your Dead Body Tee Design Review.

The Over Your Dead Body tee design is for The Addams Family fans and dark humored people with lots of attitude.

The concept is to show Wednesday Addams with reference to her homicidal tendencies and character via the bottle of poison. Her cold ass stare and blank expression make for an awesome T-shirt design.

From the Artist Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey. This was a tough one! She dishes out these devastating judgmental glares, but at the same time she NEVER moves her face. Tried hard to capture her essence. Hope you like her 🙂 Who are you? Just a dude who loves comics, good beer and cats.

As for the artwork, the colors are appropriate as they are dark and goth which is appropriate for the twisted teen. It has lots of details from the ravens and thorns to her terrifyingly calm features to keep the eyes busy. The vapors are a particularly good detail that adds to the mystique and creepiness of her ominous presence. The shading is good and it suits the eeriness of the piece as well with the light shining on the bottom part of her face, like when people shine a flashlight under their chin when telling ghost stories around a campfire. The oval framed layout makes for a great presentation.

This design is available on kids' tees too, which is nice to see The Addams Family available to the newer generations.

The print turned out a little muted this time.

Over Your Dead Body Tee Design by Tim Shumate.

Is available on T-shirts. Navy Blue, Black, Charcoal are the only fabric color options and they are good choices as they are goth colors which match the theme of the design, more colors would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows:

Cara Mia Mon Cher Tee Design by medusadollmaker.

Cara Mia Mon Cher Tee Design Review.

The Cara Mia Mon Cher tee design is for the perfect couples and Addams Family fans.

The concept is to show the strong romantic bond between Gomez and Morticia Addams. Gomez simply cannot resist her (especially when she speaks French). He holds her hand and looks her over while she looks empowered basking in the moment. The title and text on the banner of design "Cara Mia Mon Cher" is a pet name for Morticia.

Based on "The Addams Family" IMDB trivia page: "Morticia's pet names for Gomez generally meaning "Darling"/"My Darling" are "Bubeleh" (Yiddish), "Mon Cherie" (French), Querido (Spanish). Gomez's pet names for Morticia also of the same affectionate meaning are "Cara Mia" (Italian), "Querida"/"Querida Mia" (Spanish), "Cara Bella" (Spanish literally for "beautiful face"; Italian for "beautiful darling").

As for the artwork, the colors used in the design are White, Black and Gray, as it is done in a graphite or charcoal. It has a great range of gradients showcasing the artist's skill in shading. The color (or the lack there of) theme suits the The Addams Family morbid and creepy vibe. This kind of limitation gets tricky with such a detailed piece. The layout is basically rectangular in nature, but done in a smart way such as a creative and intricate border or framework. So it is not the boring tabooed rectangle type that we typically bitch about here on Tee Fetch. Upon examining the details: The dagger, spiderweb, banner, skulls and bat are design elements that add to the kookiness. They add a more in depth view into the couple's personalities. The only thing that gets to me is why his hair is so Black in comparison to hers. Both characters had equally Black hair in the series and movies.

Cara Mia Mon Cher Tee Design By Medusadollmaker.

Is available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Baseball Tee, Phones Cases, Art Prints. Many color choices are available depending on what style is chosen.The review breakdown is as follows: