Yin Yang Hug Tee Design

Yin Yang Hug Tee Design Review.

The Yin Yang Hug tee design is for kindhearted people that strive for balance.

This is a novel concept, that light and dark, good and evil... that essentially every pairing of opposites besides male and female can hug regardless of their differences. It is cute and pleasant.

The Yin Yang Hug design is also on children's apparel. Teach them to find balance and get along no matter what with this design.

The artwork is simple, cute and done in a cartoon style. There is no color to comment on nor is there any shading. For this tee, less is more. If you notice the White light side is the female half, based on the eyelashes. This is actually wrong. As the dark half is the Yin the lunar half which is the feminine aspect when looking deeper into the symbol meaning. The concept is otherwise executed nicely.

Yin Yang Hug Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees, Hoodies. Black fabric color is mandatory. Black is the best choice as the negative space is part of the design. But if the design was reworked to be on other colors it would appeal to more people. The review breakdown is as follows:

Yin Yang Tree Tee Design by Michael McGloin

Yin Yang Tree Tee Design Review.

The Yin Yang Tree tee design is for the spiritualists and nature lovers. Such as anyone that seeks harmony inside and out or who wants to be one with nature. It reflects duality with clarity and definition.

The tree that is illustrated is so ideal and perfect that it only can exist as a concept. It looks mystical, peaceful and cool.

The concept is of an ancient tree that is the embodiment of the universal ideals and laws of both the physical world and the spiritual realm, especially of Light and Dark. The Yin and Yang symbol is in the branches and leaves right where the shaded and midtoned areas meet. It couldn't be the extremes of pure light and dark in the middle (due to the distance)so Michael found a workaround. It may or may not be an original concept depending on what aspect you take into consideration. Meaning that there is the reverse, where a Yin Yang consists of trees inside it.

As for the artwork, the colors and textures are so realistic that it looks like a photograph. The most impressive thing about this artistically aside from the intricate details is how the designer uses the concept of light to shine in front of and behind (and to both sides with the same angels) the tree rather than in just one direction like a flashlight beam. It looks damn cool but this design leaves me wanting more balance and symmetry for once, I want to see dark both in the front and back of the tree (and to the sides) for the light to travel through. Not just light inside daylight. For example, like the stars in the dark spot in the light half of the Yin Yang. Regardless, the art is quite beautiful and impressive.

This is a great casual shirt to wear anywhere especially while hiking or meditating.

Yin Yang Tree Tee Design by Michael McGloin.

Is available on: Tees. The Green fabric color is mandatory but it is the ideal color for this design. The review breakdown is as follows: