TeeFury Tee Brand Review

Tees, Leggings, Shoes, Mugs, Posters

TeeFury Tee Brand

TeeFury Tee Brand

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The TeeFury tee brand is Limited Edition Tee site that sells high quality screen printed pop culture themed shirts, shoes, leggings, mugs and posters.

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Today's TeeFury Tees.

TeeFury Tee Brand

A Mix of Screen Printed and Gallery DTG Printed Tees:

TeeFury tee brand established in 2008, IT WAS the first Limited Edition Tshirt site and it remains one of the most popular. It WAS my 2nd (updated 11/7/18) personal favorite for product quality and design curation. Currently, they sell 1 to 2 pop culture themed designs at a time starting at $12 a piece for 24 hours only. Some designs and tees are in a Limited Time Gallery collection for a longer sales period as well but those are usually Digitally printed which are good quality but not as good as their screen printed tees. These are shown in the in the review images above.

I have some TeeFury shirts that I have worn regularly over the past 3 years that still look good for both the fabric and the printed designs. They show minimal fading with no flaking. Of which, I have machine washed (cold water) and dried the shirts inside out. HOWEVER, as of mid 2018 their quality went down, possibly new ownership. The rating has gone down half a star to reflect this. People are complaining about streaks, weak colors, etc. If this continues I will lower the score even more and perhaps remove them completely. Let's hope this is a fluke.

This is a pre-order type of business so the wait time for an order to ship is a few business days after the sale, perhaps up to a week if higher than expected sales or holidays cause delays. They use UPS Mail for domestic orders. International orders may take 1 to 2 Months to arrive after leaving their warehouse.

People can even submit their own artwork to be considered for print and profit. This is probably the best site to aim for if that is your goal.

TeeFury Tee Brand

Offers a wide range of products and time limited designs. The review breakdown of their LIMITED EDITION SCREEN PRINTED tees are as follows (Updated 9/11/15 to reflect the Brand of Blanks and Sizing adjustment):

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