TShirt Design Concepts That Went Viral.

Today for the sake of inspiration the topic is Tshirt design concepts that went viral. Meaning they were trendy and made their designers boatloads of cash. These Are Design based not Text based and are not related to a Band or some other vehicle of unfair promotion. This isn't a complete list but more of a teaser for an upcoming article.

As referenced in the hit film "Forrest Gump" the Smiley Face tee was huge hit especially in the 80's. Granted that the "Gump" version of the story is complete and total BS. The controversy behind the actual smiley face goes back decades at least 53 years, and possibly even the 1940's.

Three Wolf Moon TShirt Design Concepts That Went Viral

The Three Wolf Moon Tee took the world and its wide web by irony. What started out as Amazon reviews making fun of tee turned out to be the greatest publicity a humble tee designer could hope for. Everyone can thank Brian Govern's Three Wolf Moon review for getting the ball rolling on that. It's his fault that the tee is seen everywhere.

The Tuxedo T-Shirt is a novelty tee that the world would be better off without. But yet it continues to sell more tees than anything else that comes to mind at the moment.

TShirt Design Concepts That Went Viral.

Now for the audience participation segment of this post. What tee designs do you feel should be included in the Most Viral Tees Countdown? The tees shouldn't be obvious ones like The Rolling Stone's Lips design or Kiss Me I'm Irish. The tees need to be more on the side of dumb luck.

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