Where’s Walt Tee Review

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Where's Walt Tee Design by Harantula

Where's Walt Tee Design by Harantula

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Where's Walt tee design is a mashup of Walter White from Breaking Bad and Waldo from the Where's Waldo books and cartoon.

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TheĀ Where's Walt tee design is for the Breaking Bad fans that thought mashing Walter White up with Where's Waldo would be a good and funny idea. Guilty!

This concept is solid. It has an awesome balance of Waldo and Walter elements. Waldo Shirt, Walter underpants. Waldo glasses and head shape, Walter's facial features. The Hazmat Jumpsuit and shovel, pink teddy bear, Blue Sky, Los Pollos Hermanos rubber chicken, gas mask, shades, pork pie hat and ricin filled cigarette in a pack are nice little extras. But the big barrel of money with the words "Where's Walt" and "The Meth Journey" is just generous. It is based on the episode where Walt goes on the run from the law in the entitled Granite State.

As for the artwork, Harantula did a good job making Waldo look Walt like. The colors are great and the shading is good enough though not complete. The Waldo pose is what delivers this tee to awesomeness.

A funny tee for any Breaking Bad tee that grew up that enjoyed the Where's Waldo books and cartoon.

Where's Walt Tee Design by Harantula.

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