Winter Is Coming Tee Design Review.

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Winter Is Coming Tee design by Firebeard

Winter Is Coming Tee design by Firebeard

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Winter Is Coming tee design features a reimagined Direwolf Sigil.

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TheĀ Winter Is Coming tee design is for(you guessed it!) Game of Thrones fans and those who are fond of the Starks and their Direwolf sigil.

The concept is simply a reimagined Direwolf's head that is drawn in a much different style than the HBO version. And for the text "Winter Is Coming." well it's the motto of House Stark.

As far as the artwork, it looks a little like a werewolf... I won't lie. But it does look cool and it has more attitude. More of a snarl and instead of matted fur that resembles scales it actually looks like fur. The messy distressing/splatter/grunge effect is perfect for the Starks. It also makes it look a bit more wintry like a snow storm. The colors and shading are both good.

This is a cool tee for people that root for endangered Starks obviously but most Game of Thrones fans wouldn't mind adding it to their collections.

Winter Is Coming Tee design by Firebeard.

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