Winya No. 12 Hoodie Design Review.


Winya No. 12 Hoodie Design by Winya

Winya No. 12 Hoodie Design by Winya

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Winya No. 2 Hoodie design features a badass biker chick with a big bust flipping people off.

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TheĀ Winya No. 12 hoodie design is for the bikers and people with attitude.

The concept is of a big chested biker chick with a Miley haircut that throws caution to the wind. With no helmet and middle finger in the air, this design sums up biker culture fairly well. It is made to be offensive and that is its charm. It captures the essence of freedom and rebellion.

As for the artwork, the colors used in the design are Red, Black and White. Which provides lots of contrast with the White on Black make this design stand out from a distance. The girl is well drawn with no shading for definition. She is kept as simple as possible and still look human as to standout. The girl's tattoos however like most intricate things can only be fully appreciated up close.

As for the Print Quality, it is above average for a Direct To Garment print (Digital). The Red is a bit muted as it looks Maroon on the actual hoodie and Red in the thumbnail. The overall ink coverage and thickness is topnotch and is made to last so no worries there. The hoodie itself is cozy and warm. It is softer than 90% of the hoodies out there.

Winya No. 12 Hoodie Design By Winya.

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