Rowena The Witch Tee Design Review.

The Rowena The Witch tee design is for the Supernatural fans and it pays homage to the classic television showBewitched as a cool mash up.

The concept is that both Rowena and Samantha are witches. So taking the opening credits from the show Bewitched (shown below) and replacing it with a cartoon of Rowena instead is a no brainer. Rowena of course has that touch of wickedness and attitude that Samantha just didn't have.


As for the artwork, it emulates the Bewitched style and it has nailed the colors to work for both shows. Like the old Bewitched show it has no shading in the cartoon style. The addition of a Hex bag is a nice little detail that reminds people that it is a Supernatural tee. The moons and stars are different sizes. The fonts match but the text is bigger in the Bewitched version which is also centered. It would had been nice to have it match as it would be easier to read from a distance. As previously mentioned, it is a parody/homage so the design layout is obviously right on the money. It looks as good as the original version.

This Rowena The Witch tee will make a great gift for Supernatural and Bewitched Fans, especially for those who like the ambitious Redheads. Even with the 2005 movie of Bewitched the people in their 20's or younger may not get the reference.

This design is ideal to wear to Comic-Cons and while watching Supernatural (duh).

Rowena The Witch Tee Design by Matt Parsons.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows:

Chilling Adventures Hoodie Design by DanielMorris1993

Chilling Adventures Hoodie Design Review.

The Chilling Adventures hoodie design is based on a teenage witch named Sabrina Spellman who goes on adventures and tries to solve crimes. Her witch life and Her real life get crossed. In this Netflix adaptation, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it turns out to have a much darker story than that of the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch series. Along with her familiar, a black cat named Salem she gets out of some sticky and dire situations. Anyone who loves horror and adventures will love it!

The concept for this Sabrina design is to showcase the revamped attitude of the main character including the darker elements of her persona.

As for the artwork, it is a portrait of Kiernan Shipka, the actress who plays Sabrina Spellman (Not Melissa Joan Hart from the lighthearted series). First, you will notice that she is wearing a witch's attire. Which is her school uniform for this Netflix adaptation. A Red dress, complete with a lace collar. Next, if you are observant, you will see a mirrored Black cat in the bottom of lace collar. Which is a clever touch. Also, she lives in a funeral home named Spellman Mortuary which is referenced in the design as well with a sign. Last, in the background, there is a full moon and some stars.

This is an awesome design to be worn at any setting or event such as Comic-Con or going to the mall.

As for the print, It turned out PERFECT AS ALWAYS from Neatoshop. The colors especially the Red pops which is where all other POD companies are lacking as it is a very difficult color to print.

This Chilling Adventures hoodie will make a great gift for any Sabrina and Archie Comic Fans who like the reboots.

Chilling Adventures Hoodie Design by DanielMorris1993.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows:

Like Mother Like Son Tee Design by Matt Parsons.

Like Mother Like Son Tee Design Review.

The Like Mother Like Son tee design is for the fans of Supernatural and the Powerpuff Girls.

The concept of the Like Mother Like Son tee is a mash up of Supernatural and villains from The Powerpuff Girls. It looks cool and whatnot but other than just stylizing the characters, I do not get the point of the mash up unless it is like just to see it done. Rowena stands tall holding up a hex bag while the short Crowley just stands there pissed off.

As for the artwork, it is drawn in the Powerpuff Girl style. Obviously Crowley is mashed up with Mojo Jojo (shown below). Since Crowley already resembles a monkey this was an easy a natural selection (heh). Again that may be the main inspiration behind this mash up. The colors are appropriate for both franchises. There is no shading as per the Powerpuff Girl style. The layout is good with some witchcraft symbols in the background as a tie in design element emphasizing the evil theme and to give more hint as to who the characters are supposed to be. The stroke outlining the characters make the art pop on almost any color fabric. The darker the better due to the wicked background.

Mojo Jojo

This Like Mother Like Son tee will make a nice gift for any fan of Supernatural just don't expect it to be great for a Mother's Day gift since it is based on a dysfunctional family. (See the clip below)

This is a another geeky shirt that fits in anywhere such as Comic-Cons. It would also make a good tee to wear while streaming Netflix.

Like Mother Like Son Tee Design by Matt Parsons.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

Design By Humans logo

Design By Humans Tee Brand Review

Design By Humans Screen Shot

Design By Humans Interview.

How did Design By Humans get started and what is your brand all about?

Design By Humans opened its doors in 2007 with the vision of giving artists a platform to share their art with the world. At the time, daily contests allowed artists to submit their work to be voted on by fans. The winning design would be printed and become available for purchase.

Though democratic in nature, the idea of selling just one winning T-Shirt every day simply wasn’t ideal. We wanted more artists to have the chance to sell their work. Fast forward to 2015: Artists can now sell their artwork from their own branded storefront. Our artist network now includes over 15,000 from around the globe.

In addition, we use a print-on-demand format, allowing the artists to offer more designs on a diverse set of product types and colors to their fans. We still love T-Shirts, but being able to offer options like hoodies, tank tops and phone cases gives our artists more canvases on which to work.

What are the DBH ideals?

Design By Humans aims to empower artists by providing them with a platform to display and sell their work. Their “canvases” (i.e. T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, art prints and phone cases) are always of the highest quality, a commitment we take seriously. Every garment we sell is hand-selected and guaranteed to be sweatshop and child labor-free, and the inks we use are water-based and phthalate-free.

Design By Humans relentlessly pursues new ways to bring art to life through new screen-printing and digital printing techniques. We are obsessed with apparel innovation.

DBH stands behind our artists and jumps at any opportunity to promote them. We highlight artists through our social channels and artist interviews, and actively search for fans wearing their amazing art. We push artists to participate in contests and monthly design challenges, and connect brands with our artists when the opportunity to create for licensed apparel arises.

In addition, DBH offers artists industry-leading royalties for their work. Their work is the life of our business. Without them, we would be just another generic T-Shirt company. But because we attract the highest caliber artists from around the world, we’re afforded some of the best wearable artwork you’ll find!

Who designs the tees?

Over 15,000 artists from around the globe contribute their amazing art to the “T-Shirt ecosystem” that is Design By Humans. We’ve created an amazing community of artists and art lovers alike, and given them a canvas -- and a platform -- to show and sell their work.

In addition, Design By Humans works closely with a diverse and talented group of hand-picked artist on special projects and collections, and is constantly seeking out top talent in building an in-house team of artists.

What inspires the tees?

Though we can’t speak to what inspires our community of artists, we can speak to the diversity of subjects for which they choose to create art. Artists design for categories ranging from abstract art to typographical pieces; from animals to people; from retro to modern.

Pop culture is an expansive category that can encompass subjects derived from television and movies to music and parody. Design By Humans is taking big strides to capture the gaming market as well, creating licensed art for major games and streamers alike.

How would you classify the tees?

To classify our tees, you could easily take a look at the impressive range of categories, shops and collections found at Design By Humans. Some of our categories include: Abstract, Animals, Characters, Food & Drink, Funny, Gamer, Horror, Music, Nature, Pop Culture and more.

In addition, we’ve created shops and collections based on subject matter. We’re excited to include Star Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Diablo III, and Assassin’s Creed Unity among our long list of licensed shops that feature official artwork. We’re always adding new shops and collections to the site as well.

Our latest initiative is gaming and eSports. We love gaming, first and foremost. If we’re not working, there’s a good chance we’re gathered around a console or streaming on the DBH Twitch account. As such, we’re pushing hard to become the leader in gaming and streaming apparel.

We support triple-A gaming titles, top-tier eSports teams like Evil Geniuses and scores of popular Twitch and YouTube Gaming streamers by offering custom branded apparel and storefronts, and access to our artist community and in-house art team.

Design By Humans provides the below shipping services. Please note not all services are available for each product type and all delivery time frames are estimates. Actual delivery time frames may vary due to weather, service delays, holidays etc. Free Standard shipping is available for apparel only on orders that have an after-discount subtotal value of $75.00 or more. Domestic shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico or any other location outside the Continental United States may take longer than expected due to their locations.

Domestic Services

USPS First Class Mail (6-10 business days)

USPS Priority Mail (2-4 business days)

FedEx SmartPost (7-18 business days)

FedEx Ground/Home Delivery (2-5 business days)

FedEx Express Saver (3 Business Days)

FedEx 2Day (2 Business Days)

FedEx Priority Overnight (Next Business Day)

International Services

(Duties and Taxes Unpaid)

USPS International Economy (Average Delivery Time: 1-6 Weeks)

FedEx International Mail (Average Delivery Time: 1-4 Weeks)

FedEx International Priority (Average Delivery Time: 2-9 business days)

The Design By Humans products that we own have lasted years, both the prints and the fabric. Please note, that they do a better job printing on the Blue side of the spectrum than they do with the Red side. But that is the case with most (But not all) POD's.

Design By Humans Brand

Offers Print On Demand shirts with various design types. The review breakdown of their Direct To Garment Printed tees are as follows:

Wicked Tee Design by Tim Shumate.

Wicked Tee Design by Tim Shumate Review.

The Wicked tee design is for The Wizard of Oz and Wicked fans.

The concept is to show the beauty of one of the most notorious villains the Wicked Witch of the West. Shown here with a cute version of a flying monkey.

From the Artist Tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you're trying to convey. I have to admit, I have not seen the play because I'm not one for musicals. But the book captivated they took one of the most notorious villains of all time and flipped your perception of her by telling her side. I guess I just wanted to make a design that captured her beauty. Who are you? Just a dude who likes beer, cats and drawing.......and absolute power. Any shout outs? ....Where my flying monkeys at??

As for the artwork, the colors are appropriate for Elphaba Thropp aka the Wicked Witch of the West. It has complete tonal shading with great details. Fantastic considering the tricky lighting with the light background and the glow of scrying orb (also known as a crystal ball). Elphaba is shown before the ugliness of evil takes it's toll and Tim captured her beauty with flying monkey colors. Green, Yellow, White and what looks like a Midnight Blue to be exact but it seems like a full spectrum with the way that they were used. The layout couldn't be better as it is a rare combination of being cute, sexy and sophisticated.

This design is available on kids' tees too.

The print turned out very nice this time.

Wicked Tee Design by Tim Shumate.

Is available on T-shirts. Navy Blue, Black, Kelly Green are the only fabric color options and they are good choices as they are witchy colors which match the theme of the design. The review breakdown is as follows:

Mother of Dragon Charms Tee Design by djkopet

Mother of Dragon Charms Tee Design Review.


The Mother of Dragon Charms tee design is for Game of Thrones fans and to a lesser extent fans of Harry Potter.

The Mother of Dragon Charms tee design concept is simply giving Daenerys Targaryen a wand (calm down fellas) and thus making her a witch and watching her create dragon illusions through magic. Harry Potter style. It is a simple and elegant idea.

To summon her magical guardian, the witch needed only to concentrate, with all her might, on a single, very happy memory. Would she recall the thrill of watching her brother finally crowned... or the feeling of freeing an entire enslaved city? No... for the Mother of Dragon Charms, the happiest memory of all was the first time she heard the cries of her babies.

As for the artwork, it is flawless. From the coloring and shading to the layout. The colors are complementary. The character likeness is uncanny. If it is true that "the eyes are the windows to the soul" then we can see everything there is to the Khaleesi here as her eyes are illuminating. The details in the dragon and in her lips could be entire designs in their own right. Few people it seems can draw hair right but djkopet nailed it.

I am not that much of a Harry Potter fan (I have nothing against Harry Potter by any means, I just like other fandoms better) but I cannot complain about anything about the concept or artwork. It looks cool and seems like it fits naturally as if it is one story or one universe. It is respectful to both franchises and somehow this mashup works beautifully. There is nothing cheesy about it as one might expect.

Game of Thrones fans and some Harry Potter fans would want this tee in their collection, especially if they like of both franchises.

Mother of Dragon Charms Tee Design by djkopet

Is available on T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Black, Charcoal, Military Green, Navy and Dark Chocolate are the fabric color choices. The review breakdown is as follows: