Blowing Bits Tee Design Review.

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Blowing Bits Tee Design by Naolito.

Blowing Bits Tee Design by Naolito.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Blowing Bits tee design features a Link from The Legend of Zelda blowing into a NES cartridge instead of the Ocarina of Time.

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TheĀ Blowing Bits tee design is for everyone that owned an original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that played The Legend of Zelda games and who blew into the cartridges to clean the connectors in order to make the games work.

The concept is good and fitting being based on a Nintendo franchise character. Having Link play a cartridge like his famed Ocarina is sadly funny and cute at the same time. "Sad" because it was very much advised to not blow into the cartridges. Yet everyone did and or does it. IT WORKS. That's all that needs to be said on that matter.

As for the artwork, the colors and shading are nice which is to be expected from Naolito's designs. The layout is balanced well consisting of colored square design elements representing musical notes, magic and or debris and Navi on the opposite side. The implied (air) flow is consistent as his hat, hair and breath flow in the same direction. Which are details that most people would neglect. The focal point is of course the NES cartridge which bares the Triforce on its sticker. Personally, I would prefer that the cartridge be GOLD in color like the Legend of Zelda games being a Zelda inspired tee but to each their own.

This Blowing Bits tee will make a nice gift for 80's Nintendo and Legend of Zelda fans.

This is a lighthearted t-shirt that fits in anywhere, especially Comic-Cons.

Blowing Bits Tee Design by Naolito.

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