E-Blue Auroza XL Gaming Chair

The E-Blue Auroza XL Gaming Chair Review.

This a review of the E-Blue Auroza XL Gaming Chair. Now you may be asking yourself "Why the #$%* is a T-shirt Blog reviewing a gaming chair". I sure as Hell would be. And some redneck might be thinking "That's a chair not a T-shirt Mo-Ron". Well that person would be correct at least about it a being a chair. Well good news, it is relevant after all. Please keep in mind that this is not a paid review. In fact, I am writing this for free as a favor to graphic designers everywhere who may need to upgrade their seating arrangements.

As a blogger and a graphic designer, I sit at desk in front of a computer 8 + hours a day just working. And then I dabble in some gaming when I am done with my workload. My old chair was cramping my style... literally. My tailbone, spine, and neck all hurt. I finally decided that needed a new chair. So I researched and researched and well you get the idea. Then it finally dawned on me. Gaming chairs! So I looked into such brands as DXRacer, Arozzi, XRocker, Homall, Merax, and so on and so forth. You know the brands that I am familiar with thanks to my gaming friends. I received mixed reviews from them and via strangers on YouTube. I was leaning towards DXRacer but their pricing was well... not in my range as far as the features that I was looking for (regarding armrests) then I seen the E-Blue Auroza Gaming Chair in the recommended videos section. So I watched the YouTube testimonials and then I went to read some Amazon reviews. As a result I decided to give it a go for myself as every review that I could find had nothing but nice things to say about the seat.

Let me start off by stating that I will not show mundane photos of: the box that the chair came in, the parts, or even the setting up of the chair itself. That was all standard and putting it together was a breeze. Instead I am going to describe the chair.

As for the appearance, this to me, is among the coolest looking chairs of all time (it is shaped like a cobra's head), the coolest being the fictional Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. And trust me, this is far more comfortable than a chair made of swords. But it isn't too comfy if you know what I mean. It isn't overly soft and cushioned. Nothing like memory foam or even the standard padding of typical office chairs. It is a bit on the firmer side. The shape is ERGONOMIC as for the contours of the spine and butt, at least more so than my old standard chair and unlike the old one it is made to last. It can support up to 220 pounds. I feel like baby chick cradled in a hand.

I am 1 inch above the average height for a white male. I am 5' 11" and I weigh 165 lbs. After playing around with the height and back angle adjustment levers for a bit, I eventually found a setting that is suitable. There is plenty of room in the seat as to not feel pinched or squeezed in the legs and whatnot.

*Note: Adjust the back to the upright position before adjusting the height of the chair.

With that mentioned, I have mixed feelings about the headrest. Perhaps it is just because I am not used to a high back chair or perhaps I am just sitting in it wrong. I find my self leaning my head forward while working as due to when I sit up straight against the backrest, the headrest doesn't contour to my neck and head. With the seat reclined it is much better. Which is great for gaming but I prefer to sit up when I work, otherwise I'd want to take a nap. So I took away half a comfort star just for the headrest. Consider E-Blue's Cobra models if you feel that you may run into the same issue. Shorter people are not likely to be bothered at all by the headrest.

The padded armrests are fully adjustable except for the fact that there is no tilt back and tilt forward. The height of the armrests however do go up and down and can swivel in and out. All of which can be locked into place. Making it very versatile when it comes to using drawing tablets especially when they are swivel-arm mounted. You might be wondering "What difference could an armrest make?". Well, for starters the cushioning is great on the elbow while holding a pen or stylus. Being able to adjust the arms is just a bonus that makes finding the right position easier. This is perhaps my favorite feature as it does do more than other brands' models but still not quite what I was hoping for.

The base and wheels are made to last. The casters roll smoothly and are fairly quiet when rolling around. You can do a 360 degree spin like in all office and gaming chairs which is smooth with no wobble and the chair stays in one place while doing so.

E-Blue Auroza XL Gaming Chair

Overall, the E-Blue Auroza XL Gaming Chair is worth it as a gaming chair and doubles as decent graphic designer's office chair. In my case it cost $338 which included shipping. I do wish it had an adjustable headrest like in a car seat though which would had put this chair over the top. E-Blue has another version of this Auroza model that is Red and it lights up for an additional $100 but that seems like a waste to me personally.