Solved It Tee Design by BootsBoots

Solved It Tee Design Review.

The Solved It tee design is awesome for many reasons. First off, it is retro and retro is always cool. Second, let's be honest with ourselves here, who here did not move the stickers around out of frustration in order to "solve" the Rubik's Cube hoping to appear "smart"? I sure did. Some people may call that cheating but that's what we here at TeeFetch like to call "Thinking outside of the cube". Third, Solved It is simply hilarious on a truly genius level. I for one threw my unsolved Rubik's Cube out of the backseat window of a moving car when I was five. Which I thought was "genius" at the time until I got a spanking.

Back in the 80's when the Rubik's Cube was the king of trends, it had made appearances on numerous T.V. shows, including a cartoon and a few game shows. Now aside from being a nostalgic paperweight for office workers it has evolved into high fashion and jewelry. There was just no escape from this annoying and ego mocking cube from Hell.

BootsBoots gets props not for the artwork, but for telling it how it is with no shame. No, there is pride in this design and the solution. Solved It is funny because it is so very true. So many people can identify with this tee that it is just ridiculous. Wear it like a badge.

The Solved It design is on children's apparel too which is nice since they cheat the most at the puzzle, as most adults now know better than to even try to attempt it.

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Solved It Tee Design by BootsBoots.

 Asphalt is the only fabric color available. Black could had worked too but then the shading could not be seen. The review breakdown is as follows: