St. Patrick’s Day Tees.

St Patricks day Tee St. Patrick's Day Tees

You may be aware that Saint Patrick's Day is a big deal for the T-shirt industry. Designs such as what can be found at StPatty help make Irish and non-Irish folk laugh and have a good time. And the beauty part is that the designs don't really take a lot of skill to make. If you have an original phrase or concept slap a clover or four-leaf clover on it and call it a damn day, because that is a tee someone somewhere will want to buy. But to really stand out, don't be so generic. Originality does sell, just do not make the designs overly detailed. The reason that the generic clover designs sell so well is because they are simple and can be identified from far away.

Saint Patrick's Day Tee

Even slogan only tees make it big on St. Paddy's Day such as "Irish These were Bigger", "Irish you were a beer", and the classic "Kiss me I'm Irish".

The only real downside to marketing for St. Patrick's Day is that it has a very small window for sales. The period begins February 15th (The day after Valentine's Day) until March 10th (The last day tees should be ordered and expected to be delivered on time for Saint Patrick's Day.) that is less than a month. The only other complaint would the cost for SEM and other keyword based ads. If you are not the t-shirt printer don't bother wasting your money for pay per click ads.

St. Patrick's Day Tees Long-term.

But don't let that discourage you from making St. Patrick's Day tees as this can be very profitable if you do it right and it should pay off, year after year after year.

Silent Night Tee Design by Thomas Kinkade

Silent Night Tee Design Review.

The Silent Night tee design is for the people that are full of holiday spirit and cheer. The type of people who buy and wrap Christmas gifts months in advance and countdown to the day of the exchange. This shirt itself is to be a gift to one such person.

The concept is of a charming decorated cottage with a wreath on the door amidst a picturesque cliched winter wonderland. It is the type of home that people imagine themselves in while sipping hot cocoa in front of a warm fire.

The artwork features light colors and is a detailed painting. From footprints in the snow to distant hills that disappearing in the horizon. Add a lamp post, some Christmas lights and plenty of pine trees then you arrived to this magical place that exist only in the imaginations of people that let old acquaintance be forgot. The only thing missing from this seen are carolers.

This is a good holiday t-shirt to wear anywhere in place of the typical ugly sweater.

Silent Night Tee Design by Thomas Kinkade.

Is available on: Tees. The Light Blue fabric color is mandatory but it is good color for this design. Darker Blues would had been a nice option. The review breakdown is as follows: