Blender Tee Design by expo

Blender Tee Design Review.

The Blender tee is for Futurama fans and people that like to cook. We've all seen Bender without his body before in more than a few episodes. We've all seen him perform multiple functions from: making popcorn, brewing beer and acting as video studio equipment to name a few. But now the legend lives on as a blender.

Futurama is one of the funniest shows to ever grace the television. It is nice to see tributes to such a great program as the humor takes the edge off of life's unpleasant moments.

This artwork is as true as it can get to the beloved cartoon without being 100% infringing. The simple concept and loose pun, of which everyone that has seen the show will understand.

The Blender design is ideal for casual events and for streaming the entire series of Futurama on Netflix.

Blender Tee Design by expo.

Is available on: Tees and Phone Cases. Asphalt colored fabric is mandatory, Black would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows:

Wrong Robot Tee Design by Harantula

Wrong Robot Tee Design Review.

The Wrong Robot tee design brings together the two great science fiction franchises Star Wars and Futurama.

With great expressions and coloring, the artwork on this somehow stays true to both franchises.

There are countless crossover, mashup and parody tees out there. Some are just effing stupid, done just for the sake of trying to make money off two or more unrelated things such as HE-MAN and Despicable Me. Those designers that do that crap need to stop and apologize to the world for being stupid and lame. However, the Wrong Robot is one of the good crossovers/mashups. Harantula did a great job. He kept it simple although infringing, staying too true to the characters with a relatable scene and theme for both universes.

I cannot think of any reason why a fan of either or both franchises would not want this tee. It would make a great gift as it is funny and as geeky as a tee can possibly get. Bender's trademark angry expression is far better than C3PO's whiny and worried routine. These Jawas are going to be in a world of hurt because we know Bender can put himself together with no arms.

The Wrong Robot is a great casual tee that is great for comic-cons and wherever humor is needed.

This artwork is available on children's apparel, might not be appropriate for kids since there is beer bottles in the design (it does feature BENDER after all).

While visiting the retailer link you may get the following message. (If so do as it suggests and it should be available again.)

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

Wrong Robot Tee Design by Harantula.

Brown fabric is mandatory, it is probably the best color as it is earthy and sort of sand related. The review breakdown is as follows: