Controversial Tees Part 1.

Controversial Tees are popular and piss people off. They get world wide exposure then they are recalled. Some get people arrested and attest to the fact that T-shirts are not protected by any Freedom of Speech laws for whatever reasons or limitations. Here are some of the heavy hitters.

New Mexico Cleaner than Regular Mexico Tee Design.

New Mexico Cleaner Than Regular Mexico Tee. This design and or a variation of it was recalled from Urban Outfitters stores a few years ago for being an insult to Mexico and Mexicans. Find one article about it at Today's website.

Old Navy Controversial Tees.

Young Aspiring Artist Infant Tees from Old Navy. This is a blatant attempt to destroy the feminine aspect of the mind. Parents, Artists, and all kinds of folks got rightly pissed off at these tees. Yes, Art is a bitch of a fields to profit in for most people. But kids should never be discouraged from wanting to be anything positive. As if being an astronaut or even a President is more important. Eff that. It took an artists to scribe a language, another to design the pyramids. Find one article about these tees HNGN's website.

Hang Loose Tee. TJ MAXX were in a heap of doody when this tee made them want to hang themselves. Just watch the clip above to get a vague sense of the controversy surrounding this "surfing" design." For those who prefer to read the article it is at the WKBN website. Apparently it is offensive to numerous groups of people but to list the types of people it would offend would probably be considered a hate crime in its own regard.

Zara Sheriff Tee

Zara's Striped Sheriff Tee. Well, besides the history lesson of its resemblance to the Holocaust garbs, it looks like a old-timey prison uniform with a stolen badge. Both interpretations are disturbing. But the whole Holocaust thing itself is reason enough to burn every surviving thread of these tees. Coincidence or inspiration? You decide. Full article can be found at War History Online's Website.

H & M Tee

H&M had a similar issue with the above (missing the title of the design) skull tee. Personally, I see it as more along the lines of the occult "Masculine" and "Feminine" aspects which are separated by color and layer yet still connected via the overall shape. Perhaps it is even a Metal inspired tee but I can see where the Jewish community is coming from on this considering the history of the pairing of the design elements. I bet the company is still getting backlash. Full article on it at BuzzFeed's Website.

Controversial Tees.

As you can see there is no shortage of controversial tees so this will be a semi-regular thing here at TeeFetch, so stay tuned.

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