Design By Humans Collector’s Boxes.

Design By Humans Collector's Boxes.

Design By Humans Collector's Boxes Hello tee enthusiasts. This is just a heads up. The "DBH Collector's Box" will be on sale for Cyber Monday. It contains 2 unique, curated, themed tees for a recurring monthly fee of $29.99. Cyber Monday is the first day the box will be released to the public so for special pricing of $26.99 on this day only. SO SAVE THIS PAGE and WAIT UNTIL THEN. These are Digitally Printed using the Direct To Garment technique just like all the other shirts on their site. But these designs are EXCLUSIVE to DesignByHumans. There is a 1 Month plan that's normal pricing is $35.98 per box and it is reoccurring (every month). Then there is a a 3 Month plan that's normal rate is $102.96 and it too is reoccurring (every 3 months) which breaks down to being $34.32 per month per Design By Humans Collector's Box. Cancel anytime for both plans. Again please wait until Cyber Monday.
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