Play As Tee Design Inspiration.

Looking to play as tee design inspiration can lead to masterpieces. Be it sports, music, video games, board games, toys or whatever. Sometimes to get in a creative mood one just needs to partake in something fun and stimulating. But remembering to take breaks is not always as easy as it sounds. Especially with deadlines, and while struggling to come up with something for a project. Play is a sure fire way to get our of a creative rut.

A Litteraly example of Play As Tee Design Inspiration

Taking a break just to chill and do something… anything different than the normal day in day out routine can refresh and energize the human mind like nothing else on earth can. It is why people take vacations and why there are breaks throughout the work day at offices and other places of employment. Corporations like PayPal and Google (Googleplex) have Gyms and arcades and stuff like that for their employees to unwind. This allows for happier and more productive workers. This has been proven as fact and hence why these companies implemented it into their business model.

But that is not all there is to it. The activity one chooses to engage in plays a vital role in the brain stimulation and exactly which part of the brain is affected. Activities involving exercise as well as hand and eye coordination involving colors and shapes will stimulate creativity a lot more than taking a smoke break. Please watch the video via this link of Tim Brown’s Seminar at the 2008 Serious Play Conference regarding the same subject.

Play As Tee Design Inspiration.

In conclusion, just go out and play like a kid and your creativity will soar. Just remember to play nice.

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