Sugar Skull Girl Tee Design Review.


Sugar Skull Girl Tee Design by Bomazu

Sugar Skull Girl Tee Design by Bomazu

Reviewed by: Lucky

4.5 Stars


The Sugar Skull Girl tee design features a woman with her face painted like a sugar skull surrounded by monarch butterflies.

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This Sugar Skull Girl tee design is for the goth people that celebrate the Day of The Dead and who enjoy monarch butterflies.

The concept is to show a girl or rather a woman with her face painted up like a sugar skull for the Day of the Dead celebration. As for the butterflies, they are a design element that represent life and freedom which is in complete contrast with the Day of the Dead theme. While these are monarch butterflies, I do not see any connection between this and MK Ultra as I think this is just an innocent work of art. Or is it? Maybe that is the purpose of the aforementioned contrast in the theme. I'll let you be the judge.

Now for the artwork, the composition is nice focusing on the girl's face. First, you will notice that this is mostly Black,White, and Grey. The only non-neutral color is the Orange of the girl's eyes, makeup, and on the butterflies. Which adds another kind of contrast. The second thing you might notice is the girl's expression. For a lack of a better term I will describe this as being rather deadpan. Finally, the other elements float around her such as the butterflies and some White splatter effect, tying this piece together nicely.

As for the Print, this turned out okay. It is not the best print but it is far from the worst. It is average for the DTG industry. This score is a result of the muting of the orange compared to the thumbnail.

Sugar Skull Girl Tee Design By Bomazu.

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