Dont Care Bears Tee Design by Alex Solis

Don’t Care Bears Tee Design Review.

The Don't Care Bears tee is for the people that hate commercialism and those that generally don't give a damn. Care Bears were created by the American Greetings Corporation LLC in the 1980's in the same fashion that HE-MAN was created, to target kids and sell them merchandise. Not the other way around. Those cute colorful fluffy bastards were and are pure evil stinking of corporate greed.

The Don't Care Bears tee is the perfect response to the Care Bear plague for anyone that lived in the 80's and has a strong sense of sarcasm, twisted humor and that are generally just meh.

Alex Solis is the King of Parodies. His artwork is detailed, bold and clever enough to slap people to get their attention. The illustration is a lot like the actual Care Bears just "darker" in every sense of the word. Alex executed the concept flawlessly as usual. It is only available in Men's and Women's Tees, sorry kiddos.

The Don't Care Bears design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn around people born in the 1980's or around uptight people to make them uncomfortable. You know the types. Like the people that actually liked the Care Bears.

Don't Care Bears Tee Design by Alex Solis.

Is available on: Tees and Phone Cases. Black fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork. The review breakdown is as follows: