McFly Tee Design by Danny Haas.

McFly Tee Design Review.

TheĀ McFly tee design is for the Back To The Future II and extreme skateboarding fans.

The concept is to have Marty performing traditional skateboard tricks to hoverboarding. That's it and it works. Taking something that is as iconic as the Hoverboard and McFly himself and imagining the possibilities of that combination raises the bar conceptually. It seems odd that we've never seen him perform these kind of tricks before, in the movies or fan art. I mean we all know he can ride and evade but to think he can do the Tony Hawk type stuff is mind blowing. I sense a Marty McFly Pro Hoverboarding Video game in the future.

As for the artwork, it is simple, clean and effective. It is a bit like stencil vector art as there is more than minimalism but less than realism. There is some light shading but not enough to be considered dynamic, it is just enough to keep it form being flat. The colors are as true to the movie as a fan would want. But the best part of this design is the action illustrated. Having Marty posed in suspended animation during the middle of a trick (Kick Flip) shows great planning true design skill. It looks retro,futuristic and modern all at the same time. Thus, a flawless execution of the concept. This is a must have Back To The Future t-shirt for collectors.

This McFly tee will make a nice gift for the 80's movie buffs just as much as it would for the Back To The Future fans.

Children are in luck because this comes in kid sizes too.

McFly Tee Design by Danny Haas.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available but not Black. The review breakdown is as follows: