Futurenuts Tee Design by Legendary Phoenix.

Futurenuts Tee Design Review.

The Futurenuts tee design is for the Peanuts and Futurama fans. And yes, this is what Charlie brown would look like if he had hair. Now you know.

The concept for the Futurenuts tee is to mash up The Peanuts with Futurama. Legendary Phoenix drew Philip J. Fry, Bender and The Planet Express Ship "Bessie" in the Peanuts style which is smart. Because if he were to draw Bender as a beagle or some stupid Doctor Who K-9 rip that would had sucked. He brings only the best elements of both franchises together and does so beautifully. The laziness of Fry and Bender couldn't be represented any better. Well maybe if there were a TV in the design.

Fry and Bender being lazy.

As for the artwork, the Peanuts style works oddly enough considering the futuristic aspect of Futurama. The colors are appropriate for both franchises and the classic Charlie Brown with Snoopy on top of his doghouse layout makes for a great shirt. The simplicity is what makes it great. The background seems a bit odd but it works in its irregular panel form. Green tees work best for this design due to the grass.

This Futurenuts tee is more for the laid back cartoon lover of all types. Bringing a little old to the fairly new.

Futurenuts Tee Design Legendary Phoenix.

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